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Membership in the Rotary Club of Memphis is one of the best decisions you can make: for you, for your career, for your friendships, for your interests, and for your community. 

Either option you choose will make you part of the world’s oldest and largest humanitarian organization. You will be welcome at any Rotary meeting in the world, and you will know that your participation is literally changing the world in which we live for the better.

Membership Options



Traditional Membership
Traditional membership is the preferred choice for the majority of

our members. 


  • It allows you to form a strong network of business relationships and friendships with regular attendance at weekly luncheon meetings and participation in a variety of ongoing service projects.

  • All weekly luncheon meetings and club activities are included in the membership fees.


  • With this membership, you are eligible for key leadership roles, such as serving on the board of directors or as a committee chair.


Rotar-e Membership
This is the newest membership category geared toward those individuals whose schedules make it difficult to attend weekly meetings.


  • Ten luncheon meetings per year are covered in the membership fees.  You may attend additional meetings throughout the year for an additional charge.


  • Rotar-e members are required to participate in at least two service projects per year.


  • Rotar-e members must sponsor at least one new traditional or Rotar-e member during their first two years of membership.

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