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About our Club


Rotary Club of Memphis is the oldest and sometimes referred to as the "original" club of Memphis.  In 2014 we celebrated our 100-year anniversary.  


We meet every Tuesday at noon at The Bluff on Highland near the University of Memphis


Our programs aim to inform and enlighten our members, and our meetings offer networking opportunities and fellowship.  While our members enjoy our weekly meetings and speakers, they also actively participate in a variety of community service projects to embody Rotary's motto of "People of Action." We offer a variety of membership options to fit your interests and schedules.    

Service Projects
Members of the Rotary Club of Memphis are actively engaged in a variety of projects. Service opportunities can range from packing meals for international hunger relief, installing clean water systems in developing countries, reading to elementary school children, or even projects our members develop.  
Upcoming events include serving dinner to the families staying at Tri Delta Place at St. Jude, serving as volunteer wait staff at the Calvary Waffle Shop, and our 5th Annual Café du Memphis will be on May 4th. Planning is already underway for our 6th annual Sporting Clays tournament in August, and we are working on ways to directly serve in the 38126 community. There is always something to plug into and serve the community in a variety of ways.


In person meetings are currently on hold due to COVID-19; however, we are hosting weekly virtual meetings during this time.


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